Do Stick Vacuums Stand on Their Own?

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a red stick vacuum leaning on a white wall.

Are you considering purchasing a stick vacuum but are worried about holding them for long periods? Most people without a stick vacuum have the same worries as you. 

They might also wonder about the answer to the question: do stick vacuums stand on their own? In this article, we give you the answer to this question and more!

Key Takeaways
  • Most stick vacuums can’t stand alone due to uneven weight distribution, requiring careful placement after use to prevent falling.
  • To make stick vacuums stand, wall mounts or docking stations, often supplied with the vacuum and including chargers, can be installed.
  • An alternative solution is freestanding vacuum racks purchasable online, although compatibility with specific vacuum models needs to be ensured.

So, Do Stick Vacuums Stand on Their Own?

a stick vacuum leaning on a chair in a living room.

The vacuum experts have spoken, and the answer is that most stick vacuum models can’t stand alone, especially those loaded with heavy motors.

Some models can stand upright independently, but that isn’t the case for most types. So don’t leave your vacuum upright when cleaning, as it’ll likely fall.

Why Can’t They Stand on Their Own?

So why can only some upright stick vacuums stand on their own? The way they are designed, with an uneven weight balance, makes it impossible.

That means you’ll have to either place it on the floor when you’re done or lean it against a stable surface like a wall. 

How Do You Make Stick Vacuums Stand?

If you want to make your stick vacuum stand, there are a few workarounds that you can choose to do. 

Here are two easy ways to store your stick vacuum if it doesn’t stand:

1. Wall Mounts or Docking Stations

Most stick vacuums you purchase will come with wall mounts that you can use to secure your machine when you’re done cleaning. These wall mounts typically have chargers so you can recharge your vacuum.

The primary way to install these wall mounts is by drilling. Please choose a suitable place to put your docking station so it’s a convenient and permanent dock for your vacuum.

2. Vacuum Racks

Using a vacuum rack or stand is the second workaround to stand up your stick vacuum. These stands are freestanding and don’t need you to drill into any walls.

You can easily buy these vacuum racks online and place them in a convenient corner of your home. Ensure that the stand you buy is compatible with your stick vacuum, as there are different kinds of vacuum heads.

Final Thoughts

Stick vacuums are convenient cleaning tools, but most models can’t stand alone. If you want to leave them unattended, you’ll have to lean them against a solid surface or lay them down on the floor.

You can also use wall mounts or vacuum racks to prop them up safely when you aren’t using them. Wall mounts can also double function as chargers, so you can get your stick vacuum fully charged and have it ready for use!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most popular questions and answered them below.

Both types of vacuums can effectively clean carpets, hard floors, and stairs. However, stick vacuums can only do it while connected to the floor head and long hose, while you can convert cordless vacuums to a handheld mode.

There are several advantages to using stick vacuums, including the fact that they are lightweight, making cleaning easy. They’re incredibly convenient for families with small children, perfect for sudden spills on the floor.