Why Are Stick Vacuums So Expensive?

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The future of vacuums is cordless. This is evidenced by the drive of vacuum manufacturers to produce stick vacuums within different price and performance ranges.

A stick vacuum is an interesting choice for just about any home. It’s lighter and more portable than a traditional vacuum, and it can reach the harder-to-reach areas of your home. 

Stick vacuums are pricier than your average vacuum, which is odd considering they aren’t as powerful as canister vacuums. So, why are stick vacuums so expensive? Let’s find out. 

Key Takeaways
  • Stick vacuums justify their high price due to enhanced features like laser dirt sensors, digital displays, HEPA filters, special cleaning heads, and automatic hand adjustments.
  • Improved design aspects, such as cordless operation, lightweight portability, suitability for small spaces, and a quieter performance, further contribute to stick vacuums’ high cost.
  • Deciding on a vacuum depends on factors like home size, surface types, physical fitness, and budget, with stick vacuums offering convenience, but possibly higher cost.

Why Are Stick Vacuums So Pricey?

a woman cleaning a dirty hard wood floor with a stick vacuum.

Stick vacuums have made quite the leap in terms of performance since their inception. Until a few years ago, these vacuums were considered inferior to their predecessors because of their size. Some of the reasons that justify their high price include:

Added Features 

During their inception, these devices could only manage menial tasks such as cleaning small food drops, the occasional fur from your pet, and dust from surfaces. 

These days, these units can do much more, thanks to their added features, which include:

These special features make for multipurpose vacuums. In other words, you can use a high-end stick vacuum to clean both bare floors and carpeted areas without any problems. 

Improved Design

Traditional vacuums are corded, meaning they have to be plugged in to work. Stick vacuums, on the other hand, are often cordless, with some having Li-ion batteries that enable you to do your cleaning without relying on a power outlet.

Most stick vacuum manufacturers advertise a battery life of about an hour, which is enough time to move around a small house. 

What’s more, stick vacuums have a convenient detachable top that allows you to use them for spot cleaning as you walk in hallways or up the stairs.

Being detachable makes them lightweight and easily portable, so you can use them without breaking your back. 

Aside from their portability, stick vacuums are a great choice for limited spaces, like apartments, because they take up less storage space.

And to top it all off, stick vacs don’t require insert bags, which is convenient and a money-saver. They’re also made to be quieter.

Picking Out the Right Vacuum

The best way to decide which type of vacuum you need is to identify why you need one and to compare features from different manufacturers.

First of all, consider how big your home is. What surfaces are you cleaning? Also, do you have lots of stairs? Can you imagine carrying an entire canister up and down stairs? 

Next, consider how fit you are. Have you suffered any injuries lately, or do you have any health conditions that would limit you from using the heavier vacuum options? 

If you have a big home, you need different brush heads for varying surface types. You will also need a device with a powerful motor and a sizable dirt bag. 

A stick vacuum may not be efficient as your primary vacuum cleaner, but you might need one to clean up your stairs because they’re portable. 

If you’ve sustained a serious injury or if you’re below average in terms of fitness, a stick vacuum can be a great device to have. 

You see, stick vacuums are detachable, so you can easily move around with the detachable head, which will prevent you from putting stress on your body. 

The most important question here is whether you can splurge on a high-end stick vacuum. After all, stick vacuums can put a serious dent in your wallet. 

Final Thoughts

A stick vacuum is a great cleaning tool, especially in small houses with different surfaces to be cleaned. Be that as it may, a stick vacuum can be quite costly compared to traditional vacuums. 

The trick to picking the right vacuum for you is to find a good balance between the price you’re willing to pay for it and the features you’re looking for. You’ll be spoilt for choice since there are many good vacuum manufacturers.