Are Stick or Corded Vacuums Good for Carpets?

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a person using a stick vacuum to clean a carpet.

Are stick vacuums good for carpets? Of course, they are. Yet, choosing between stick and corded vacuums for your carpet can be challenging. From experience, these two cleaners are similar in several ways. However, their suitability varies depending on your priorities. 

In this article, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of these cleaners to help you make informed choices. We will also discuss how you can use stick vacuums safely for your carpet.

Key Takeaways
  • Stick vacuums offer portability, versatility on various floor types, and easy maintenance, but have limitations in suction power and battery life.
  • Stick vacuums, adaptable to handheld versions, are ideal for carpets due to their ability to suction debris using attachments and their user-friendly cleaning processes.
  • When purchasing stick vacuums, consider brand reputation, necessary attachments, and charging/running time. To prevent carpet damage, use the vacuum slowly, in varied directions, and ensure regular maintenance.

Stick Vacuums vs Corded Vacuums for Carpets

a woman using a cordless vacuum to clean an area inside a car

The compact and lightweight design of stick vacuums makes them the favorite of many buyers. Yet, they cannot match corded vacuums’ suction power. The table below displays the pros and cons of these two machines:

Corded VacuumsStick Vacuums
Relatively heavierSlim, portable design
Usable as long as a power supply is availableBattery life limitations
Heavy-duty designSmall dust capacity
Needs connection to a power sourceNo cord length restrictions
Takes up more spaceEasier to store
Best for open spacesCan handle hard-to-reach areas

Based on the pros and cons of these machines, what you need and prioritize determines which is best for you. If flexibility and maneuverability are your priorities, stick vacuum cleaners are your best bet.

However, if you need a vacuum for heavy-duty cleaning without battery life limitations, you should invest in a corded vacuum.

Why Stick Vacuums Are Good for Carpets

Stick vacuums are excellent for carpets for the following reasons:


Stick vacuums are suitable for all floor types. Thus, you can be confident that they will help clean your carpets without issues. 

Regardless of your floor type, stick vacuums can help deal with the dirt without causing damage. Therefore, whether it’s a carpet or other floor type, a stick vacuum is a safe choice. 

Ideal for Suctioning Debris

Typical stick vacuums struggle with denser carpets because they can’t dig out clingy debris. However, manufacturers help you solve this problem with the aid of attachments. 

Some models have a beater brush, enabling them to loosen dirt from carpet fibers. This brush has revolving rollers that empower it to suction debris.

In some models, you can turn off the beater brush when cleaning hardwood and special rugs to avoid damaging them.

Convertible to Handheld Vacuum

In many models, you can convert your stick vacuum to a handheld version by removing the top portion. Therefore, you can use it to clean high and hard-to-reach places. 

Besides, some of its attachments make it possible for these machines to be suitable for cleaning your cars.

Easy to Clean

By simply running your stick vacuum’s filter under the faucet in cold water, you can clean it. Lay the filter on its side afterward and let it dry before use.

Reassemble it within 24 hours, and it will be ready for use again. Thus, emptying and cleaning the filters is simple and convenient.

Stick Vacuums for Carpets: Buying Guide

a person with a cordless vacuum cleaning a carpet.

If you choose to buy a stick vacuum, below are some things to consider:

Brand Reputation

You’ll find many stick vacuum manufacturers online. Nonetheless, only the best companies are worth your time. Thus, try to read a company’s customer reviews before purchasing its product. 

A manufacturer’s reputation and experience matter when purchasing these kinds of items. Thus, endeavor to choose the product of a brand that has a reputation for producing excellent stick vacuums.


Stick vacuums have a variety of attachments. However, some attachments might be present in a particular product but absent in others.

Your need determines the attachment you prioritize. Thus, ensure that the product you want to purchase has the attachments that suit your need before buying it.

Charging and Running Time

Note that stick vacuums rely on batteries for their operations. Therefore, consider the charging and running time when purchasing a product. 

Great options charge within a short period and have extended run time. Thus, ensure you verify this aspect before choosing a model. 

How to Use Stick Vacuums Safely for your Carpet

You can ensure your stick vacuum doesn’t damage your carpet by considering these tips:

Go Slowly

Despite the compatibility of stick vacuums with carpets, they can damage your rugs if you use a rough approach. Thus, it’s better to move the machine slowly on the floor. Start from the far edge and move on gently until you cover everywhere.

Use Different Directions

The most common approach to cleaning carpets is up and down in columns. Yet, you can also consider turning 90 degrees.

This variety of approaches will put less pressure on any particular region of your carpet, thereby preserving it.

Prepare the Machine before Use

Good maintenance preserves your machine and also increases its functionality. Thus, it’s vital that you clean your vacuum from time to time. Doing that at least every fortnight is a good maintenance practice. 

Clearing out the bristles, canister, and filters will put the machine in good condition before use. This practice will also ensure that the cleaner doesn’t damage your carpet.

Final Thoughts

Stick vacuums are good for carpets, especially top-class options.

Although they don’t have the suction power of corded models, they are reliable companions for loosening debris from your carpet’s fibers.

Besides, they’re safe because of the ease of clearing out the filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most popular questions and answered them below.

Yes, they are. They offer an effective and safe means of cleaning carpets, making them excellent options.

Stick vacuums are better than traditional vacuums in terms of compactness and flexibility. However, they cannot match regular vacuums’ deep cleaning ability.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are also known as stick vacuums. So, you can use these terms interchangeably. They are compact models of traditional vacuums. Traditional vacuums have cords, while stick vacuums use batteries.