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Best portable cordless vacuum.

After extensive research and testing, we’ve compiled a list of top-quality portable cordless vacuums that cater to diverse needs and preferences, simplifying the decision-making process for you. Considering all the key factors when choosing a portable vacuum, we chose BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum as the best overall.

Cordless mini vacuum cleaners are a practical choice for people who value quick, hassle-free cleaning experiences. If you’re an always-on-the-go individual, this is a perfect cleaning partner for you!

Our Best Portable Cordless Vacuum


A blue and white BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum on a white background.


BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum



A WORX WX030L 20V Cordless Cube Vac with a hose and attachments on a white background


WORX WX030L 20V Cordless Cube Vac



A BISSELL AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum on a white background.


BISSELL AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum


Innovations in cordless vacuum technology have made these devices more powerful and longer-lasting than ever before. No longer just for small spills and quick clean-ups, portable cordless vacuums can now handle more demanding tasks, often rivaling the performance of their corded counterparts.

Our Review Methodology

We personally test every product featured in our reviews. This is to provide accurate and tested recommendations. Read our Review Guidelines for a full understanding of how we test vacuum cleaners.

Since starting Vacuum Empire, we’ve personally tested over 40 models of vacuums which ensures reliable, unbiased recommendations. We measure cleaning ability across various surfaces and evaluate manoeuvrability in tight spaces, like navigating around a cluttered living room.

Our focus on providing honest reviews with a clear review criteria sets us apart from typical reviewers who never test any of their recommendations. We go one step further and also analyze other owner’s reviews to capture the ‘wisdom of the people’ to provide a more comprehensive review. For instance, we discovered that a popular model had battery issues after only a few months of use which would have otherwise been missed.

5 Best Portable Cordless Vacuums Reviewed

We’ve compiled a list of the top cordless mini vacuums perfect for travel and everyday use, with BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum clinching the best overall pick. These portable and efficient vacuums have been praised in reviews for their convenience and performance. Check out our recommendations below!

A BISSELL AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum on a white background.
Best Budget

BISSELL AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum


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Bissell AeroSlim offers 2-in-1 cleaning tool, USB charging, and sleek design.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

The BISSELL AeroSlim is quite handy for quick cleanups. Its compact size and cordless feature make it ideal for small spaces like cars or offices. The vacuum’s sleek design adds a modern touch, and the 2-in-1 Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush are conveniently stored on the vacuum’s stand.

The lithium-ion battery provided up to 12 minutes of cordless cleaning power and could be charged using the standard charger or the included USB charger. This allows for convenient charging options, even in a car or via a computer. The vacuum comes with a washable filter, ensuring long-term usability.

However, we did notice some limitations. The suction power is somewhat limited, and the exhaust port can blow away small particles before they are sucked in. Additionally, the tiny debris collection cup requires frequent emptying, especially during more extensive cleanups.

Who should use it:

Ideal for those seeking a compact solution for quick cleanups, the BISSELL AeroSlim is perfect for small spaces like cars and offices.


Compact design for easy storage and use

Cordless with a decent battery life

Comes with handy 2-in-1 Crevice Tool & Dusting Brush


Limited suction power

Small debris collection cup

Exhaust port can blow away small particles

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“Okay so this thing is so handy. I love using it to vacuum surfaces in the kitchen. You know how somehow crumbs just appear on your oven, microwave, in cabinets, drawers, etc? This is such a game changer to clean up those messes. It saves me a TON of time!”

A blue and white BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum on a white background.
Best Overall

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean Cordless Handheld Vacuum


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This cordless vacuum offers multi-surface use, rotating slim nozzle, and flip-up brush.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

The BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean cordless handheld vacuum is perfect for tackling even the toughest messes. We found it really lighweight and packs a lot of power into its compact design, thanks to the cyclonic action and lithium ion battery supporting its strong suction capabilities.

The vacuum’s slim nozzle rotates 180°, giving us incredible control while vacuuming various areas and surfaces. We appreciate the pull-out crevice tool which provides an extra-long reach for accessing cramped spaces and high areas. The flip-up brush came in handy for dusting and cleaning surfaces like upholstery.

A standout feature was the translucent dirt bowl, allowing us to see the dirt level and easily know when it was time to empty it out. Both the dirt bowl and filter are washable in the sink, which makes maintenance a breeze. Although the vacuum’s charging base cannot be mounted on the wall, it is convenient for quickly charging the vacuum within 4 hours.

While we enjoyed the numerous features and strong suction of this handheld vacuum, it’s important to note that it has a relatively short runtime of 11 minutes and requires 4 hours of charging time. However, for quick cleanups and spot messes, it still performs exceptionally well.

Who should use it:

The BLACK+DECKER dustbuster AdvancedClean is ideal for those needing a powerful, lightweight handheld vacuum for quick cleanups and spot messes, especially in tight spaces.


Strong suction with cyclonic action

Rotating slim nozzle for versatile cleaning

Pull-out crevice tool and flip-up brush for added convenience


Short runtime of 11 minutes

Charging time of 4 hours

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy, everyday tool for tackling pet hair and crumbs around the house, this is it! I also use it to vacuum out the lint trap (with the nozzle extension) and grab any litter tracked outside the box. Has honestly made me so much happier in my house. Great price too!”

A Blestan Handheld Vacuum Cordless Car Vacuum with LED Light with accessories and tools on a white background

Blestan Handheld Vacuum Cordless Car Vacuum with LED Light


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Blestan cordless vacuum boasts long battery life, fast charging, and two suction modes.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

The Blestan Handheld Vacuum is a fantastic tool for a range of cleaning purposes. We recently used it to quickly clean up a messy car interior after a trip to the beach – the powerful suction, lightweight design, and cordless operation made it a breeze to use. The 9kPa cyclonic suction was more than enough to tackle any stubborn dirt and debris.

We found the vacuum to be intuitive and user-friendly, thanks to its multiple 2000mAh lithium-ion batteries and quick charge technology. This allowed us to have it charged and ready to go with a battery life lasting around 30+ minutes. Additionally, the LED light proved helpful in illuminating darker nooks and crannies that needed special attention.

The included accessories, such as the dust brush and crevice tool, made it even more versatile; we easily reached cup holders and other spaces in our car. However, we noticed that if the vacuum accidentally picked up any wet objects, we needed to wipe it dry immediately to prevent any damage. Also, keep in mind that, while it’s a powerful handheld vacuum, it may not be suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Who should use it:

The Blestan Handheld Vacuum is perfect for those seeking a versatile, cordless tool for quick cleanups, especially in vehicles, with its powerful suction and handy LED light.


Powerful cyclonic suction up to 9kPa

Lightweight and cordless design

Long battery life and fast charging


May need to be wiped dry if it accidentally absorbs wet objects

Not suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks

Filter requires drying after washing before reinserting

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“For the $$, this little guy is great! The suction power is enough for those small jobs like kitty litter spills or the car. The attachments work as the should and the filter is washable. I’ll be honest, this thing was a pleasant surprise.”

A VacLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with accessories on a white background

VacLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


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VacLife cordless vacuum features powerful motor and LED light.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

The VacLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent option for quick, convenient cleanups for your home or car. With its powerful motor providing strong suction up to 6Kpa, it efficiently captures dust and debris into the detachable dust cup while producing little noise. You won’t have to worry about the irritating sound of the motor while cleaning.

Powered by 3*2,000mAh batteries, this handheld vacuum has a runtime of up to 20 minutes, allowing you to finish your daily cleaning tasks without running out of juice. The cordless design makes it easy to maneuver and hassle-free, and at just 1.3lb, it’s not strenuous to use.

The built-in bright LED light is a standout feature, perfect for cleaning those dark corners where dirt tends to hide and accumulate. Additionally, the VacLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner comes with two replaceable nozzles to suit different cleaning needs – a crevice nozzle for corners and hard-to-reach areas, and a dusting brush for fine particles on surfaces and carpets.

However, it’s essential to note some drawbacks. The dust cap can be tricky to put back after cleaning, and the placement of the power button may lead to accidental pressing, causing interruptions during vacuuming. This vacuum may not be the best choice for heavy-duty cleaning tasks but does an excellent job for everyday messes.

Who should use it:

The VacLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for those seeking a lightweight, cordless solution for daily home or car cleanups, especially in dimly lit areas with its LED light.


Powerful motor with 6Kpa suction

Long battery time, up to 20 minutes

Bright LED light for dark areas


Dust cap can be difficult to put back

Accidental power button pressing

Not suitable for heavy-duty cleaning

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“I was not expecting much but It is better than I thought it would be, suction is very good, the battery last for a long time, I was able to vacuum my car and clean under my kitchen cabinet, and bathroom cabinets with one charge. I”

A WORX WX030L 20V Cordless Cube Vac with a hose and attachments on a white background
Best Premium

WORX WX030L 20V Cordless Cube Vac


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WORX cordless vacuum has powerful suction, 2-speeds functionality, and flexible hose.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

We have to say, the performance of WORX WX030L 20V Cordless Cube Vac is quite impressive for such a compact vacuum. It’s perfect for quick cleanups in our homes, offices, and cars. This vacuum delivers 10Kpa of suction power, which might be only half of what a standard upright vacuum provides, but considering its size, that’s something notable.

One of our favorite things about this vacuum is its portability. Being cordless makes it easy to carry anywhere, and it only weighs 3 pounds. We were able to clean hard-to-reach areas like car seats, kitchen countertops, and even the couch cushions more efficiently.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this vacuum is designed for dry debris only and lasts up to 15 minutes on a single charge. While that might not be enough for bigger jobs, it serves its purpose for quick cleanups.

Additionally, this WORX vacuum has a one-touch emptying system with a removable HEPA filter, which means it’s easy to empty and maintain. It has a tank capacity of 6 ounces, which seems sufficient for regular use. The washable HEPA filter also ensures the air stays clean while vacuuming.

Who should use it:

The WORX WX030L 20V Cordless Cube Vac is best suited for those prioritizing portability and convenience in quick cleanups, be it at home, office, or in cars.


Powerful suction for its size

Cordless and lightweight for portability

Easy to empty and clean


Runtime may not be enough for larger jobs

Limited to dry debris

10Kpa suction power may not be enough for heavy-duty tasks

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“I’m so impressed with this little worx vac! Powerful suction at both speeds and so compact. Used it right out of the box to vacuum the accumulated dust/lint in the inside of my dryer. Very pleased with the job and the convenience of this tiny cube vac!”

A person using a portable cordless vacuum cleaner on a wooden floor.

Buying Guide – How To Pick the Best Portable Cordless Vacuum

If you’re looking for a portable cordless vacuum, key factors to consider include suction power, battery life and charging time, dustbin capacity, weight and ergonomics, the filtration system, available attachments, and the price and warranty terms. Let’s discuss them below:

Suction Power and Efficiency

Suction power is a critical aspect of any vacuum cleaner, especially when opting for a smaller cordless model. Ensure that the model you choose can effectively pick up dirt, dust, and debris from various surfaces, such as carpets, hardwood floors, and more. It’s also essential to consider the device’s power efficiency so that it can maintain optimal performance without draining the battery too quickly.

Battery Life & Charging Time

One of the main advantages of a portable cordless vacuum is the freedom from cords. However, this freedom is only as good as the battery life. Check the vacuum’s runtime on a full charge and consider how long it takes to recharge. Some high-end models offer fast charging and longer runtimes, which can be especially useful for larger cleaning tasks.

Dustbin Capacity

While portable vacuums are compact by design, you don’t want to be emptying the dustbin every few minutes. Look for a model with a decent-sized dustbin. Transparent dustbins can also be handy, as they allow you to see when it’s time to empty it.

Weight & Ergonomics

Since you’ll be carrying and maneuvering the vacuum, it’s essential to consider its weight. A lightweight design can make the cleaning process less strenuous. Additionally, ergonomic handles and easy-to-use controls can make your cleaning sessions more comfortable and efficient.

Filtration System

If you’re allergic or sensitive to dust and pollen, a portable cordless vacuum with a good filtration system is crucial. HEPA filters can trap tiny particles, ensuring cleaner air in your living space. Make sure the vacuum either comes with a washable filter or replacement filters are readily available.

Attachments & Accessories

Different cleaning tasks require different tools. Check what attachments come with the vacuum. Tools like crevice nozzles, brush attachments, and upholstery tools can make your vacuum versatile and more effective in cleaning various surfaces.

Price & Warranty

Consider your budget. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that you often get what you pay for. Investing in a slightly pricier model might give you better performance and longevity. Also, check the warranty terms. A longer warranty can be an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability.

With this knowledge, you’re now better equipped to find the perfect portable cordless vacuum for your needs. Remember to read user reviews, compare models, and consider how you’ll primarily use the vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most popular questions and answered them below.

Cordless handheld vacuums usually last between 15 to 60 minutes on a single charge, depending on the model and power settings. Most vacuums have indicator lights or displays to show the remaining battery life. To get the most out of your cordless vacuum, we recommend cleaning your filters and attachments regularly, as this can help maintain efficient suction and prolong battery life.

A portable cordless vacuum can be an excellent investment for those who value the convenience and flexibility of cleaning without a power cord. These vacuums are lightweight and compact, making them easy to maneuver in tight spaces and transport between different parts of your home or even in your car.

The efficiency of cordless vacuums has significantly increased in recent years, with many models now offering comparable suction power to their corded counterparts. Additionally, advances in battery technology have led to longer run times, making them suitable for quick clean-ups or tackling smaller cleaning tasks.

However, keep in mind that cordless vacuums may not be the best choice for extensive cleaning tasks, as their battery life may be limiting. It’s essential to consider your cleaning needs and preferences before deciding whether a portable cordless vacuum is right for you.