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We understand that choosing the perfect cordless mop vacuum can be overwhelming, so we’ve taken the time to research and test these five models to help you identify the best cordless vacuum and mop combo for your needs, with TAB T9 Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner taking our best overall pick!

Cordless mop vacuums make a difference in the world of cleaning, offering convenience and efficiency in one handy device.

Our Best Cordless Mop Vacuum


A white TAB T9 Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner on a white background.


TAB T9 Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner



A Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO Smart Cordless Floor Cleaner on a white background.


Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO Smart Cordless Floor Cleaner



A Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop on a white background.


Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop


By combining the benefits of mopping and vacuuming, these cordless floor cleaners do the job faster and with less effort.

Join us as we dive deep into the cordless mop vacuum world and explore the top contenders in terms of performance, features, and reliability.

Our Review Methodology

We personally test every product featured in our reviews. This is to provide accurate and tested recommendations. Read our Review Guidelines for a full understanding of how we test vacuum cleaners.

Since starting Vacuum Empire, we’ve personally tested over 40 models of vacuums which ensures reliable, unbiased recommendations. We measure cleaning ability across various surfaces and evaluate manoeuvrability in tight spaces, like navigating around a cluttered living room.

Our focus on providing honest reviews with a clear review criteria sets us apart from typical reviewers who never test any of their recommendations. We go one step further and also analyze other owner’s reviews to capture the ‘wisdom of the people’ to provide a more comprehensive review. For instance, we discovered that a popular model had battery issues after only a few months of use which would have otherwise been missed.

5 Best Cordless Mop Vacuums Reviewed

We have compiled a list of the top cordless mop vacuums for effortless cleaning and convenience. The TAB T9 Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner took the best overall award, but the other models are definitely worth checking out too! Explore our recommendations below to find the perfect one for your needs.

A Schenley Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner - Cordless Vacuum and Mop with water splashing on it on a white background.

Schenley Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner – Cordless Vacuum and Mop


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This cordless vacuum offers sweep, mop, % vacuum all-in-one, and Electrolytic Sanitization.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

After spending several weeks putting the Schenley Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner through its paces, we can confidently say that this device is a game-changer for household cleaning. The multi-functionality of vacuuming, mopping, washing, and drying all in one go is a lifesaver, especially when dealing with the chaos our pets often leave behind.

The automated post-cleaning feature is a standout, quietly removing dirt, hair, and pet dander from the roller brush and vacuum tube without requiring any manual intervention. This hands-free maintenance frees up valuable time, allowing us to focus on other activities.

The cordless and self-propelled features make maneuvering around the house a breeze. We were particularly impressed by the lightweight and swivel design, which made navigating tight corners and spaces effortless. The enhanced edge cleaning and on-demand sprayer functions were highly effective for tackling stubborn stains and hard-to-reach areas.

The electrolytic sanitization mode, using slightly acidic electrolyte water (SAEW), provided an extra layer of cleanliness that’s hard to achieve with traditional cleaning methods. With double water tanks and an intelligent vacuum speed adjustment, we were able to clean continuously for up to 40 minutes, making it ideal for larger homes.

Who should use it:

The Schenley Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a must-have for those who value both thorough cleaning and time efficiency, especially in larger homes.


Multi-functional: vacuums, mops, washes, and dries in one go.

Automated post-cleaning for hands-free maintenance.

Cordless with extended 40-minute run time.


Might be pricey compared to single-function devices.

Requires storage for double water tanks.

Electrolytic sanitization may not suit all floor types.

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“This super smart wet/dry vac/mop is the cleaning appliance I’ve been waiting for my entire life! From the long-lasting battery to the electrolytic sanitizing mode, to the amazing suction and drying power, my floors have NEVER been cleaner. I pray this device holds up and works just as well for years to come. Best prime day purchase yet!”

A black and white Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum on a white background.

Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum


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Roborock Dyad Pro has multi rollers, 17KPA suction power, and voice alerts.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

The 17000Pa suction power of Roborock Dyad Pro, along with DyadPower cleaning head, made short work of wet and dry messes on our floors. The unique edge-to-edge cleaning provided by the combination of front and rear rollers left our floors spotless.

What stood out to us was its intelligent adaptive cleaning feature. The Dyad Pro automatically adjusts the cleaning power and water flow based on the dirtiness of the floor, ensuring a perfect clean every time. The onscreen LED indicator was especially helpful in identifying the dirtier areas that needed more attention.

The Roborock app made controlling the Dyad Pro a breeze – switching between cleaning modes, turning on self-cleaning, and self-drying features were all just a tap away. The vacuum even has a voice alert system to tell us what we needed to do, without the need for manuals or error codes.

Although the Dyad Pro has a self-cleaning and drying feature, we noticed a bit of noise during the process. Additionally, the vacuum is slightly bulky at 24.05 pounds, which might make maneuvering a bit challenging for some users. We also experienced lingering odors after cleaning, despite the noiseless drying mode.

Who should use it:

The Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum is ideal for tech-savvy homeowners who prioritize efficiency and customization in their cleaning routine.


Powerful 17000Pa suction

DyadPower and intelligent sensors for adaptive cleaning

Easy-to-use app control


May have some noise during self-cleaning

Slightly bulky at 24.05 pounds

Odors may linger after cleaning

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“I spent some time to research and i found this excellent product, it is not the most expensive one in the market, but it definitely get the work done! The Self cleaning function is a big plus, i don’t need to clean the machine after i clean the floor. I highly recommend anyone who doesn’t want to break their bank account but wants to keep the floor clean to purchase this product, you will not be disappointed!”

A Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop on a white background.
Best Budget

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop


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This cordless vacuum features powerful suction, headlights, and magnetic charger.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

The combination of powerful suction and spray mopping of Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro made our floors spotless, with minimal effort on our part.

The disposable VACMOP pads meant we didn’t need to worry about maintenance, as we simply replaced the pads when needed. However, we understand that some users may prefer a reusable pad option for eco-friendliness. Despite this, the convenience and ease of disposing of the dirty pads were appealing factors for us.

We appreciated the cordless design and lightweight nature of the VACMOP Pro, making it simple to carry and maneuver around our home. The LED headlights were also helpful in illuminating hidden debris, ensuring that no spot was left uncleaned.

Who should use it:

The Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop is an excellent choice for those who prioritize convenience and efficiency in maintaining hard floors.


Powerful suction combined with spray mopping for complete cleaning

Disposable pads make for easy maintenance

Lightweight and cordless for ease of use


Disposable pads may be less eco-friendly

Might not be suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks

Some users may prefer a reusable pad option

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“I should have purchased this years ago! Perfect for cleaning the floor quickly after meals or under the high chair. My kids make such a mess and this contains all the dirt right in the pad, easy to use and throw away the pad when done. Holds a charge well, gets under counters and chairs nicely, and does not leave streaks on my floor.”

A Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO Smart Cordless Floor Cleaner on a white background.
Best Premium

Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO Smart Cordless Floor Cleaner


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Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO has SmoothPower self-propulsion system, and up to 40 minutes run time.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

We were really impressed with the performance of the Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO on hard floors. The vacuum’s 40-minute runtime is more than enough to clean a moderately sized space. Additionally, the SmoothPower self-propulsion system makes the vacuum easy to maneuver, reducing the effort needed to push or pull it across the floor.

The dual-sided edge cleaning feature is an excellent addition, allowing the vacuum to clean along baseboards and reach into corners, even down to within 0.4 inches on both sides. This makes it easy to keep your home spotless, without missing any hard-to-reach areas.

However, the Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO isn’t without its drawbacks. The price is significantly higher than other cordless mop vacuums on the market, which may make it a less attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the wheels, such as one falling off or turning in reverse.

In terms of maintenance, while it’s easy to use, it does require regular upkeep. The vacuum self-cleans but needs periodical cleaning of the filters and brush roller.

Who should use it:

The Tineco Floor ONE S7 PRO is best suited for homeowners who are willing to invest in a premium cleaning solution for hard floors and value features like extended runtime and precise edge cleaning.


Up to 40 minutes of runtime

SmoothPower self-propulsion system

Dual-sided enhanced edge cleaning



Wheels may have issues

Maintenance required

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“Best thing i purchased from amazon. It does a better job mopping than what i was doing previously. Best part… no supplies needed other than some soap and some water and when you are done the thing cleans itself. I am recommending this to everyone i know.”

A white TAB T9 Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner on a white background.
Best Overall

TAB T9 Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner


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TAB T9 Pro boasts lightweight design and 800mL High capacity clean water tank.

Our Experience – Why we liked it:

The TAB T9 Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner’s dual roller brush system made cleaning much more efficient than single roller brush wet dry vacuums. The smart sensor technology is a game-changer as it detects both wet and dry messes and adjusts suction power and water flow accordingly, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

The quick drying mode is another great feature of this cordless vacuum that increases suction power, roller brush rotation speed, and water flow, which made our cleaning more efficient with minimal water residue and streaks. The self-cleaning system was a real boon, as it prevented us from dealing with dirty brushes—cleaning itself while we worked, and automatically flushed its inner tubing and brush roller after our use. However, it’s essential to clean the dirty water tank and let the brush roller dry to avoid odors.

Though the TAB T9 Pro offers many advantages, it does have a few drawbacks. First, it might struggle with stubborn stains that might require several passes. Second, the limited runtime of 35 minutes may be insufficient for large cleaning tasks. Finally, some users mentioned water leakage when the vacuum is sitting idle.

Who should use it:

The TAB T9 Pro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent choice for those who seek a smart, efficient, and self-cleaning solution for both wet and dry messes.


Efficient dual roller brush system

Smart sensor technology for wet and dry messes

Quick drying mode and self-cleaning system


May struggle with stubborn stains

Limited runtime of 35 minutes

Possible water leakage when sitting

Customer Reviews – What The Public Thought

“This Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is amazing. It can vacuum and mop the floor at the same time. The cleaner also has a self cleaning function. Save lots of time! Full battery of charge can clean my whole 1600 sq ft house. It works great on hardwood and tile floors. I highly recommend it.”

A man using a cordless vacuum cleaner on a wooden floor.

Buying Guide – How To Pick the Best Cordless Mop Vacuum

In this specialized buying guide, we’ll discuss the factors to consider like battery life, suction power, mop functionality, weight, and more, that make a cordless mop vacuum stand out in its category. Let’s help you find a device that you’ll actually look forward to using!

Battery Life

When it comes to cordless mop vacuums, battery life is a crucial factor. You don’t want to be in the middle of cleaning your living room only to have the vacuum die on you. Look for models that offer at least 20-30 minutes of run time on a single charge. Some high-end models even offer up to an hour. Also, consider how long it takes for the battery to recharge. A quick recharge time can be a lifesaver, especially if you have a large area to clean.

Suction Power

Suction power is what separates a great cordless mop vacuum from a mediocre one. Check the wattage and read reviews to see how well the vacuum picks up dirt, pet hair, and other debris. Some models come with adjustable suction settings, allowing you to customize your cleaning experience based on the surface you’re tackling. Remember, more power usually means a quicker and more efficient cleaning session.

Mop Functionality

The mop feature is what sets these devices apart from regular cordless vacuums. Look for a model that has a reliable and effective mopping system. Some cordless mop vacuums come with spinning or vibrating mop heads, while others use steam. Check if the mop pad is machine washable or if you’ll need to purchase replacements. A good mop function should be able to handle spills and stains, not just push them around.

Weight and Maneuverability

A cordless mop vacuum should be easy to carry and maneuver around your home. Look for lightweight models that are easy to steer, especially around corners and under furniture. Some models come with swivel heads and LED lights to help you navigate through dark spaces. Remember, a cumbersome device will make your cleaning tasks more of a chore than they need to be.


Your home likely has a mix of hardwood, tile, and carpet. A versatile cordless mop vacuum should be able to transition between these surfaces seamlessly. Look for models that come with different attachments or adjustable settings that cater to various flooring types. Some even have detachable handheld units for cleaning upholstery or getting into tight spaces.

Price and Warranty

Cordless mop vacuums can range from budget-friendly to high-end. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that you often get what you pay for. A quality device is an investment that can save you time and effort in the long run. Also, check the warranty and what it covers. A good warranty can give you peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected against defects and issues.

User Reviews and Brand Reputation

Last but not least, always read user reviews and consider the brand’s reputation. Reviews can provide real-world insights into battery life, suction power, and overall performance. Established brands often offer better customer service and more reliable products, so keep that in mind as you shop.

By considering these essential features, you will be able to find the right cordless mop vacuum that best suits your needs. So, the next time you face spills or dirt indoors, you can rely on your cordless vacuum mop to handle the job effortlessly and make your cleaning experience more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered the most popular questions and answered them below.

In many cases, vacuum mop combos are more effective than regular mops. Traditional mops can sometimes leave dirt and debris behind, while vacuum mop combos pick up both wet and dry messes. We find that the dual-action of vacuuming and mopping provides a deeper clean, making them ideal for maintaining hard floors. Additionally, these devices often have features like adjustable suction power and customizable cleaning modes, which allow users to tailor their cleaning experience to their specific needs.

Tineco and Dyson are two reputable brands in the cordless vacuum mop market, and both offer high-quality products. The Tineco iFloor and Dyson’s Omni-glide are popular options that have garnered much praise.

When comparing the Tineco iFloor and Dyson Omni-glide, we notice distinctions in features and design. The Tineco iFloor has a more traditional vacuum design while the Dyson Omni-glide is compact and maneuverable, which makes it easy for navigating tight spaces. Furthermore, the Tineco iFloor offers a longer runtime in comparison with the Dyson. However, Dyson’s reputation for powerful suction and innovative designs make it a strong contender in the market.

Ultimately, the choice between the Tineco and Dyson vacuum mop combos will depend on individual preferences. Both devices have unique features and benefits that cater to different users’ needs.